Drift/Traction Loss Simulator

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Our Traction Loss/Drift Simulator can be reserved for 1 hour or multiple hours! Drifting is not easy and we do have an option to get a coach involved for an extra fee while you make your visit. If you need a coach please inquire by email before you book your slot if a coach will be available for an extra charge while you are here. If you do not need a coach you can book right online and come in for your reservation!

The Traction Loss sim can also be used for regular racing. This simulator will come with 4K Triple 48 Inch Displays and no head set is needed since it has a sound system built in. You also have a Sequential, H-Pattern, and Hand Brake to use on this Simulator if you want. Two optional wheels as well.  If you want to use this simulator for iRacing and join others in our main showroom you can! Get the most out of your racing experience with this insane built and enjoy racing like never before!